Waterlillies, Passion for Blue

Waterlillies, Passion for Blue

This Painting
is the last "waterlilly" painting from a series of waterlilly paintings I did.  Being a "Claude Monet" fan and an artist, I had to do at least one series of these beautiful water flowers in my lifetime.  After this series was done, I know I will most likely do another waterlilly series of paintings.  

The options of colors and moods is almost endless.   Waterlillies take on a life of their own.  Near my home there is a Waterlilly Farm outside Montrose, Michigan.  I did a plein air painting there and a photo shoot.

There is another place for painting them in optimal conditions.  "The Weed Lady" Grand Blanc, Michigan  has outdoor ponds created to show the waterlillies at their best.   Another is the lake I live at...Byram Lake.  Unfortunately the best way to paint the waterlillies here is from a boat (which  limits things a bit for most people).

Do YOU know of any good  waterlilly painting places?  Please let me know.

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Mackinac Bridge Michigan

Mackinac Bridge Michigan


The Mighty Mackinac Bridge has drawn admirers since it opened in 1957.

IN THIS VERSION , I painted the wonderful blue of the lakes it connects and the light reflecting up the bridge. This painting also incorporates brush painting in oil paint and use of the painting knife. (sometimes called a palette knife)

It has many moods relative to the weather which provides an amazing backdrop. I am drawn to the bridge for the beauty of the area, the wide vistas, and the ever changing sky. The area underneath the bridge is "The Straits of Mackinac" and connects Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. These lakes are like inland seas.

I am also attracted to the symbolic nature of the bridge. It connects the Upper Pennisula of Michigan and the Lower Pennisula of Michigan. It keeps us together economically, physically and in spirit.

Please visit my Website and Blog. I would love to hear your comments.

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Mighty Mackinac Bridge

the Mighty Mackinac Bridge

The  Mackinac Bridge, the "Mighty Mac", is Michigan's most famous bridge connecting the Upper and Lower Pennisulas.  It's location nestles between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  The entire area surrounding it is beautiful and loaded with British and French history.

In this painting, it was  sunset and the colorful sky added a wonderful backdrop to the bridge itself.  The yellows backlit the bridge and helped me to paint one of it's many moods.    This week I shall post the other Mackinac Bridge painting I have done which shows the bridge in completely different configuration and sky.  With so many weather changes, there are inumerable beautiful, moody, bright, soft, misty paintings to be created.

Over 50 years old the Mackinac Bridge is the third  longest suspension bridge in the world.  The Famous Bridge Walk on Labor Day is an amazing 5 mile trek between the Mackinaw City on the south..across the bridge to St. Ignace on the north isde of the bridge.  From the air it looks like the Moses leading the Hebrews through the Red Sea!!

the Mackinac Bridge website is an interesting spot to check out.
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Yellow House, Harbor Springs

Yellow House, Harbor Springs Michigan
The Yellow House (c) Diane Tasselmyer 8" x 10" oil on canvas

Harbor Springs has many many homes and views which when put together offer mucho painting opportunities.
I have always enjoyed this cheerful yellow house in winter. The snow always resonated nicely with the yellows and blues. I finally painted it where it rests on highway 119 above the town and the Little Traverse Bay.
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NEWSLETTER "From The Studio" December 2009

NEWLETTER "From The Studio" December 2009

"From The Studio" NEWSLETTER December 2009  ....  click this link
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PAINTING TIP ..Discover What You Like Best About Your Work!! And re-visit those things!

OK  ...SO WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT YOUR WORK???  HUH???Let that ferment in the ole brain for a bit.

 FOR ME AS AN ARTIST  they are...

1.  The Paint itself !!!!  the physical act of pushing, mixing, stroking and  applying the paint with my brush or palette knife.  Gooping the paint onto my palette gives me a thrill! .. and then linking that feeling with how to translate all that into the idea in my
Copy of Copy of DSCN2900
 mind.  It makes me "feel" good!

2.  Seeing the Moment..Seizing the Idea !!   when something floats past my "image zone" , my eyes ..and I get that SPARK in my creativity center......Knowing I can make it into a piece of new work and wanting to!

3.  Developing new Artwork Material    sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I want to paint.  I'm like the kid in the candy store..there are so many ideas to paint, it's a delight to pick any one of them. .. below is something I am developing right now.

Copy (2) of MackinacBridge7

Which brings me around to's good to re-visit the things you like best about what you do..about  YOUR work.  It helps you stay rooted.

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Chateau Chantal Michigan Wines and Michigan Vineyards Worldclass

Chateau Chantal Michigan Wines and Michigan Vineyards Worldclass

The view from Chateau Chantal on Mission Peninsula north of Traverse City Michigan is an inspiration to artists as well as wine makers. Mission Peninsula and Chateau Chantal have the right climate for producing the first rate grapes needed for superior wines.

Michigan wines and Mission Peninsula also produce first rate paintings and art. The western side of Michigan is host to that special climate that produces many, many kinds of fruit and grapes.
I admit it was the view that first drew me to Chateau Chantal and to create this painting. Now I wonder if they have an "artist in residence" program there? hmmmmmmmm very interesting, indeed!
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Bar Harbor, Harbor Springs, Michigan Night

BAR HARBOR, Harbor Springs, Michigan is one of this area's favorite haunts for a beer and a burger. On a corner across from a marina, this Michigan hangout is not one to miss when in Northwest Michigan.
I painted this scene of the Bar Harbor because it appealed to me as a night scene. It took on it's own atmosphere and the Spirit of the Night! There will be more NIGHT Michigan paintings available here so stay tuned for more. Maybe a couple of sailors would have have made a nice addition to this.
Whether you are in a small Lake Michigan Shore town or off the beaten track, Michigan has lots of local places for great food and beverages. These places can add a lot of color to your Michigan adventure. I've even spotted a few artists in the BAR HARBOR of Harbor Springs!!
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Harbor Springs, Michigan TheBluff

The Bluff in Harbor Springs, Michigan is perhaps one of the most popular views of the Little Traverse Bay as it flows into Lake Michigan.
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