Waterlillies, Passion for Blue

Waterlillies, Passion for Blue

This Painting
is the last "waterlilly" painting from a series of waterlilly paintings I did.  Being a "Claude Monet" fan and an artist, I had to do at least one series of these beautiful water flowers in my lifetime.  After this series was done, I know I will most likely do another waterlilly series of paintings.  

The options of colors and moods is almost endless.   Waterlillies take on a life of their own.  Near my home there is a Waterlilly Farm outside Montrose, Michigan.  I did a plein air painting there and a photo shoot.

There is another place for painting them in optimal conditions.  "The Weed Lady" Grand Blanc, Michigan  has outdoor ponds created to show the waterlillies at their best.   Another is the lake I live at...Byram Lake.  Unfortunately the best way to paint the waterlillies here is from a boat (which  limits things a bit for most people).

Do YOU know of any good  waterlilly painting places?  Please let me know.

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